Rental Information

New pricing is effective for all events reserved after 6/6/2019.


Konferenz Centre Rental Information

The entire Konferenz Centre, which includes Hansen Halle, Roten Bar Tavern, and the restaurant dining room, is available to interested parties for rent. The following charges are not intended to make a profit, but are to contribute to the cost of monthly invoices for such things as utilities, insurance and genral maintenance.

Rental Payment Care Terms


Renters must leave the halls the way they found them with chairs up on tables and the floors vacuumed. The caterer will see to it that the kitchen is in good order, clean and neat with used items returned to their original location. All garbage, trash and decorations are to be removed. If table linens are rented and used they must be removed from tables, shaken outside, bagged and ready for cleaning.

The approved Caterer List,
others may be added if you ask:

  • Jan Hilsabeck.
  • Lidderdale Country Store

For more information, or to schedule a function, call 712-655-3131, or fill out the form below.

Trinity Church is now functional and serving a new purpose in Manning, Iowa. It is available for non-denominational Christian events and open to the public for touring.


While the primary use is for weddings and general visitation, the church can also be used for baptisms, funerals, special services, Christian meetings, and other appropriate uses approved by the administrative board. The board makes all decisions regarding church maintenance and preservation and reviews all rental requests.

Rental Payment Care Terms

If you are interested in reserving the church for a special event, or would just like more information, please fill out the form below.

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All donations go to the upkeep of the park.Any help is appreciated!