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  Experience what it was like to live in a different place and time…   …on a field trip to the Manning Hausbarn-Heritage Park! Imagine what it would be like to grow up in far off Germany during the 1660’s and if the house where you lived was also a barn? Students have the opportunity to learn about the area’s German cultural heritage and traditions, Iowa’s people and places, historic preservation of agricultural and architectural landmarks and more. On a field trip to the Manning Hausbarn–Heritage Park they will:

  • Learn German words
  • Tour the authentic 1660 German Hausbarn, historic farm and church
  • Do chores that children had to do in early days
  • Make the bed and tidy the Hausbarn
  • Hang out the wash, carry water, put hay in racks
  • Usher in the church
  • Play a game for prizes
  • Enjoy a snack such as a cookie, cream puff or bread.

Here’s what some of our previous school tour participants had to say… “I would never have imagined Manning possessed such a unique asset.” “The guides were very helpful and fun— kept it going NOT boring at all…” “It met all my expectations and more. I feel the presentation was great and on a level that the students could understand. I was very impressed.” Admission is $3 per student. The teacher and bus driver are admitted free. Payment is required upon arrival. You may bring sack lunches and enjoy them at picnic tables in the park. Call 712.655.3131 or email to schedule your tour today! Reservations must be made by April 15! Schedule for School Tours

Trinity Church

  • Learn about the church’s history and the story of its move.
  • Opportunity to usher and learn behaviors

German Hausbarn

  • Tour the authentic German hausbarn and learn how they moved it from Germany all the way to Manning.
  • See how the family shared the home with their livestock. Talk about what it would be like to live with animals.
  • Do chores that children had to do in the early days such as put hay in racks, straighten the hausbarn, etc.
  • Learn German words.

The Leet-Hassler Farm Site

  • Tour the Historic Leet-Hassler farmstead including the house and carriage house.
  • The carriage house was the garage.
  • The hired man lived above the garage.
  • Visit the barn.

Return to the Konferenz Centre

  • Oral quiz over what they learned with trinkets for prizes.
  • Enjoy a snack such as a cookie, cream puff, pretzel or bread.
  • Take home a magnet and brochure to remember their field trip.

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